On my Mind – Dear Greta Thunberg

Dear Greta

You’ve truly moved me. I need to change. I need to do something more palpable for this planet of ours. Your smile, your gentle, powerful eyes have given me hope.

Recently I heard you courageously describe how you have Asperger’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Selected Mutism. You have struggled with intense depths of pain and this world of ours seems so crazy to you.  You only speak to all of us, as you say, when you “think it’s really necessary”. And now is one of those moments.

It’s always funny to me how people who suffer with internal issues that others can’t see tend to be much more compassionate. Not always, but in many cases. You are one of those cases.

You speak amazing English, a language that is not yours, even when this is so incredibly difficult to you. You are so articulate and well informed. You know your stuff!

With all of this, I think of your parents and how much they have contributed for you to be the way you are. And I am sure they have to slow you down on many occasions. You’re doing so much and you’re raising questions that all of us will have to be able to find ways to explain to our children. Things like why go to school when maybe there won’t be a future. I wonder if most children have heard about you from their peers or from adults.

I imagine your intense frustration when we don’t listen. When all the world leaders you mention time and time again don’t listen. You want nothing from us except action. I hope your frustration doesn’t debilitate you. That people around you can support you in running not a sprint but a marathon. A long and stressful one.

My main wish for you is that you can relax when you have to. That when things get too much you can know, without a doubt, you owe us nothing. I worry a lot about pioneers like you. Please only do the best that you, Greta, can do. Nothing more than being human.

My husband referred to you today as possibly being the voice of God. Personally, I don’t believe in the idea of God but you are certainly here for a very specific purpose.

Count on me. I’ll be thinking of you. And doing something about this.

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