On my Mind – Fighting illusions

The past few years have been a constant dance for me to fight illusions. Let me explain…

I started my own business in 2014. Because I teach online and I take care of all aspects of my English courses (accounting, advertising, office work, etc, etc) I tend to be very alone in this whole thing. I love it, it´s not a problem. However, there is one thing I need to pay attention to in order to stay sane. Almost every business I see online, the ad campaigns and all the business women I admire, look soooooo amazingly perfect and together from the outside. I’ve had to learn to Fight Illusions. 🤩🤩

Aside from working full time, taking care of the house full time and creating my own courses, I have a beautiful and lively two year old daughter. Having her – as well as everything else – has forced me to become extremely organized. And most of all, to be happy everytime I can do 10% of what I have in my head as a plan. To appreciate each step and not focus on an end goal. Personally, this is a huge struggle for me as I have so many ideas of things to do, courses to design and so on. And an inner critic who wants to put me down.

One way all of this also gets much better is to meet the people who run the companies I admire. When this happens, all these walls of perfection come crashing down. In a few minutes, I see these people becoming more human before my eyes. Most of them are going through the same struggles as I am. I have to continue to focus on moving through the illusion of excellence in the online world. Their excellence comes not from perfection but from their humanity.

This Fight to Break Down Illusions, in my case, also involves not believing in the perfect lives and bodies portrayed on social media. This is a much talked about topic these days. But it’s so incredibly real.. We have to be intensely careful not to compare and not to fall for these veils of idealized lives.

As I said, for me, the last few years have been a fight to not be deluded. And to appreciate every single thing I do.

Olá, sou a Ana Calha!

Sou professora de inglês há vinte e dois anos e formadora na área da comunicação há mais de onze. 

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