A família do verbo Engage

Desta vez temos de pensar em dois temas distintos. Temos engage como envolver/engajar e também engage no sentido de noivado. Neste último temos de ter mais atenção a alguns pormenores. Já lá vamos!

In a good conversation, it’s important to engage your listeners.

In my previous job, I didn’t feel truly engaged in the company projects.

Official engagements take up a lot of my day.

She’s such an engaging person. People really listen to her and consider her opinions.

Students often feel disengaged in class if they are not challenged by the curriculum.

Em termos de noivado, vê aqui estes termos

  1. She got engaged last week
  2. They got married last week. Their engagement lasted two years.
  3. They decided to break off their engagement. They were not right for each other.

Faz aqui este pequeno teste!

A família do verbo Engage

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