On my Mind – The Danger of the Court of Public Opinion

These days, everytime I watch any show where experts, so called experts or the average person are giving their opinion on the behaviour of whoever is in the headlines for some kind of reprehensible action, I feel very uncomfortable. The same when I sometimes read the comment section on some online newspaper. Or even when I waste some of my precious time looking through comments on instagram.
It feels like, in recent times, we have opened the door to zero self-reflection and are on some kind of witchhunt in regards to other people’s lives. This way of doing things is called the Court of Public Opinion. Judging people and putting them in jail even before their are officially judged and sentenced.
It’s like we’ve all gone mad!!😠😵 Mad in the sense of crazy and mad because we all seem so angry. It’s like we don’t have a life of our own and we´re the dictators of the lives of others. Why are all so bloody angry?
It’s a fact that we all have opinions; we all judge one another. It´s a way we find to make sense of what we believe is right or wrong. Now, there are never ending levels of doing this. Having an opinion seems to me to be very healthy. It shows reflection and a strong sense of identity. However, these are the questions I now ask myself:
1. Where has our compassion gone?
2. How has life become so black and white that we don’t take time to understand the immense complexity of our lives and deeds?
3. Is it because we don’t even have the courage to look at our own actions anymore?
4. Is it because we feel like we have the right to have an opinion on anything and everything, even if we know nothing about so many subjects?
Whatever the case may be, this makes me sad. It’s not an easy thing to do, I know. But it’s indeed possible to take a few minutes to reflect on the many reasons why people do what they do.
And why not, maybe, reach out to someone and ask them how are you? What’s going on? This whole thing can only end badly.

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