On My Mind – Time is So Precious

I’ve always enjoyed being busy. I’m intensely curious so, when I can, I spend all my time creating or learning from people that I find creative. Even if, these days, this means cleaning the house or having a shower while listening to one of my favourite people in the world being interviewed for some amazing podcast.

At the same time, I love the sweetness of doing nothing. Sitting on a beach or somewhere in nature staring at the horizon. Just being with my thoughts and some deep breathing.

Now, the question is… I have a two year old lively daughter, I work full time, run my own company and take care of the house full time. All this to say that I have spent the last few years learning how to have so resemblance of time for me, while playing with my baby, spending time with my husband, designing new conversation courses, doing accounting, advertising, cleaning and cooking.

Evidently, time is insanely precious for me. As I know it is for the majority of us. I simply don’t have any. So I try to be creative. I’ve become incredibly organized, something that is not second nature to me. But I’m doing it and it seems to work for me. As I refuse to live without my mental sanity, I try my hardest to always have some moments for myself. Even if this means doing other things at the same time. While doing yoga in the living room, for example, my daughter insists on climbing all over me to get my attention time and time again. I’ve lost my temper a few times, completely exhausted and just screaming for a moment of peace and quiet. But I’ve found ways around and it now works for all of us.

Time is the most precious commodity, they say. Of the most precious gift. On my birthday, my present to myself was two hours in a lovely café with a few friends. Life just doesn’t get any better. Listening, sharing, learning and connecting. Just the best!

These days, when I’m presented with new work opportunities, there are many instances where I have to say no. This I find pretty hard. I have to take a deep breath and allow myself to believe these things will happen again at a later stage. I don’t have more hours in the day and there is no need to try to cram everything in. My struggle is to be happy with doing a little more everyday and to focus on long term goals. This works for me too. When I look back, I have managed to achieve great things by doing a bit everyday. The cumulative effect is great. But challenging.

This Easter weekend, I found myself with my daughter, husband, parents, brother and his family sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun. Life is so precious. A few hours like this is something that I value more than ever. If you had told me this twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it. I was constantly running away from silence, from being present, making everything so complicated. How nice it is to enjoy what is right here.

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